Tips to Prevent Running Out of Heating Oil

Tips to Prevent Running Out of Heating Oil

If you use heating oil to warm your home during winter, one of your tasks is to ensure you never run out of heating oil. Heating oil is an essential element of your home. Running out of heating oil in the middle of winter means waking up to a very cold house.

Besides the inconvenience of waking up to a cold house during wintertime, a heating oil runout can cause problems. Whatever the cause, running out of heating oil is not a fun experience. In an oil-fired heating system, running out of heating oil could lead to complications such as clogged filters from dredged-up sludge. And even if don’t have system problems, you could pay a premium for an emergency heating oil delivery.

Here are our tips for ensuring you never run out of oil and keep your home warm throughout the entire winter.

Install an oil tank monitor

A monitor will enable you to remotely track the level of heating oil in your tank from your smartphone. For today’s busy family, this may be the best option as you don’t need to remember to regularly go to the basement to check your tank. Most of the newer monitor models allow you to check your tank from work, vacation, or wherever you have internet access.

Plan ahead

Avoid the temptation to wait until the last minute to order your heating oil. Be proactive: order your fuel when your tank is no less than 25% full or sooner if the weather is really cold.

Choose automatic delivery

With automatic delivery, your oil delivery company manages your heating oil supply to prevent you from running out of heating oil. Most companies can will estimate when you need a refill based on your past usage and the current weather.

Maintain your equipment

Regular, professional heating system maintenance will help keep your furnace or boiler running at peak efficiency. A well-maintained system means your equipment will use less fuel. Schedule regular maintenance for your equipment to spot leaks, check performance and uncover other problems that could lead to bigger problems.

If you do choose to monitor your own heating oil levels, do it regularly. Your home will use more heating oil when temperatures drop for longer periods of time. If you have an outdoor heating oil tank, secure it to prevent theft. And don’t panic. Our experts will refill your tank and take care of any problems to keep your family safe and warm.